There are several QFEs for BizTalk 2004 that you may want to know about, in case you
encounter the situations described below.

Situation: You attempt to create or edit Receive or Send ports within
the BizTalk Explorer in Visual Studio, and CPU consumption hits 100%.  Memory
consumption climbs until the IDE crashes with an OutOfMemoryException.

Fix: Ask PSS for the hotfix associated with KB870619 (also known
as hotfix 1185)

Situation: You have a CDATA section in an inbound xml document within
an orchestration.  The CDATA section contains flat file data, with vital trailing
(or leading) whitespace.  After you execute a transform in your orchestration,
the CDATA designation is stripped (although the flat data is still there) – and the
leading/trailing whitespace is now lost.  Curiously, using the “Test Map” feature
(by right-clicking on a map in the solution explorer) doesn’t exhibit this behavior.

Fix: Ask PSS for the hotfix associated with KB841563

Situation: You have a scope shape, and scope timeouts aren’t working
as expected.  Specifically, for blocking calls in an expression shape within
the scope (like a DCOM call, etc.) where the timeout is being exceeded, you see 100%
CPU consumption in the BizTalk service and the orchestration never terminates.

Fix: Ask PSS for the hotfix associated with KB811250.  (Note:
this problem may have been addressed in the fix rollup released in April – I’m not
sure what the ordering was here.)