BizTalk 2004: HAT: Select all Messages/Service Instances


Sometimes I need to select all Messages/Service Instances in HAT, “Operations/Messages…(or Service Instances…)” window then terminate them. When I tried to use the mouse by “hold left button – drag over all records” I’m not in luck. As I’ve tried to use “click the first record (cell) – hold Shift and click the last record (cell)” I’m not in luck too.
All these methods work only on the visual part of list. On the big list I have to use one of this method a lot of times, scrolling down the list after each cycle.


But there is a “secret” method!
If you place the cursor on the line divided the header of the list from the list body, the cursor changes the form to the “down-arrow“. Click the mouse and, that’s it, the whole list is selected!


I wander why the Microsoft guys like to brake the “Microsoft Compatibility” rules in BizTalk so many times? They’ve invented new GUI features, wow.
I’ve taken only one example but have many.