While I was at TechED last week, I found that Pearson vue is giving 50% off for all Microsoft certification exams taken onsite in TechED. I have always wanted to take Biztalk 2004 exam but did not have a chance to do that. Last morning I just gave a shot and passed the Biztalk Server 2004 exam 74-135. Whew! It was tough, most of the questions were not directly related to Biztalk Development but more on configuration/interfaces/settings etc.

My 5 cents advices for anybody who wants to take this exam

  • Learn different interfaces/methods used in Pipeline components/Custom Functoids etc
  • There were quite a few questions on BAM, so read the BAM docs or try out the End-To-End BAM sample which ships with SDK
  • Setup & Configuration questions on Biztalk (Most of them were setup error related), so setup Biztalk 2004 at least once
  • Learn at least a little bit on high level concepts for Human Workflow Services (Activities, Templates etc)
  • There were quite a few questions on Subscription which were very challenging, so understanding publish/subscribe architecture would be very helpful.