We had a few problems on a project recently where the server builds did not set machines up exactly the same. This is a pretty major problem as if the software installed across your BizTalk Group you can not expect to receive consistent or expected results. Based on this I reviewed a few servers using PsInfo recently but being a manual thing its a bit of a pain trying to identify any differences.

Im sure there must be tools to do this but a quick google didnt throw up too much joy so I knocked up a quick tool to help.

The tool will let you list a bunch of servers which you expect to be the same and will then run PsInfo agains them and report any differences which are identified.

There are a couple of things to note here though that it will not do things like compare registry settings etc, and ive not used the switch to get disc information from psinfo as if the servers have been used then their disc free space is likely to differ.

Anyway its a bit basic but saved me some hassle so ive shared it on codeplex; http://www.codeplex.com/ServerDiff