I’m excited to announce the latest addition to Pluralsight’s online offerings: a bi-weekly audio show about life on the Microsoft .NET stack, hosted by our very own David Starr. We’ve decided to call it the Pluralcast.


Available at http://cast.pluralsight.com.

This podcast is going to be different than the other ones you’re used to listening to.  Most podcasts focus on one topic and one guest.  That’s where Pluralcast differs – each Pluralcast show will include multiple guests, a plurality of perspectives and opinions, hence a plural-cast.

If you browse to the Pluralcast and click on About the Show, you’ll find the following description:

There are as many views on technology as developers who hold them. A technology implementer is going to see the world slightly different than a technology creator or expert, likewise a trainer or a student will have a different perspective of the technology from being in the field teaching and learning. The Pluralcast is about life on the Microsoft stack, from all of these perspectives, bringing together a balanced conversation to the podcast space, something we feel is missing today.

The Pluralcast is a bi-weekly audio show for the Microsoft developer community interested in hearing something new about technology. Each episode has a specific theme with selected stories, providing a holistic view around technologies developers use in the real world.

The Pluralcast is hosted by David Starr, a Pluralsight instructor with amazing yoyo skills and a passion for agile software development and the tools that support it. David has over 18 years of experience in software development and has held numerous leadership positions in technology teams. He walks the earth in search of compelling stories of software developers and their feats of daring to share with the world. Read David’s own announcement about the show and what he would like it to become for the community.

Do you have something to share with the community? Are you a technology implementer? How about a student just getting started in the Microsoft stack? Did you create a technology you’d like to talk about? Do you have mad yoyo skills? Regardless of your perspective or story, if you want to share it, tell us about it so David can connect with you. 

We just took the show live last week but the first three episodes are already available simply browse to http://cast.pluralsight.com and subscribe to the Pluralcast feed or the iTunes feed to stay connected to future shows. We hope you enjoy the Pluralcast.