Okay, peridiodically the marketing team / other teams ask me to post things to make sure the word is getting out about events. My guess is that all of you are reading scott woodgate’s blog (see my links) and if you are not you should, so these will probably be duplicates, but please read them and in this case do the feedback so we can have a strong tech ed session this year (I will be there, so please stop by my talk and we can chat :). Also, I think I have wrangled the owner of the orchestration compiler and now one of the key developers on the engine also to put some info on the blog. That would be great stuff. He is the ultimate source of information related to compiler questions and how to express certain design patterns in your orchestration. Looking forward to hearing from Paul. Okay, the Tech-Ed announcements:

Industry leaders will conduct special in-depth workshops on Sunday, June 5, from 1 P.M. to 6 P.M. These concentrated “Deep Dive” sessions will last five hours and provide an in-depth look at important technology areas and solutions. 

The pre-con will start off with an overview session led by Rebecca Dias that gives an overview of SO, Microsoft solutions in the SO space and how they work together. It is then followed by a session by Yasser Shohoud on how to build web service on .Net. The session is followed by a webservices lab. This is then followed by a HIS session by Paul Larsen that shows how to extend the reach of SOA to mainframe via HIS. Following Paul’s session, the earlier web services lab is extended with HIS to expose legacy IBM systems as a web service. Mike Wood’s session picks up from there and shows cases how to orchestrate, expose and integrate with web services. Mike’s talk is followed by another hands-on-lab session where we extend the web services / HIS lab with orchestration in the middle orchestrating these services and maybe followed by exposing the resulting orchestration again as a web service.

Title: Building Simple and Complex Web Services using the .Net Framework, BizTalk Server and Host Integration Server

Are you convinced that Service Orientation is the way to go, but don’t yet have the technical skills to begin implementation or are confused by the plethora of choices Microsoft offers you to build Service Oriented systems? Do you want fundamentals on Microsoft’s integration technologies and guidance on trade offs if you use one solution vs. the other for different applicable scenarios? If so, this is a training you won’t want to miss. This training will provide you the guidance and information you need to make an informed decision on how to best construct your integration solution using Microsoft technologies that will ensure your integration solution is extensible, maintainable and inter-operable. Our experts will give you highlights of each technology by demonstrating how you can construct loosely-coupled, composite, and secure systems that bridge corporate firewalls based on core .NET Framework technologies, expose line of business applications in your IBM datacenters as web services using Host Integration Server, and orchestrate the activities of disparate web services into a composite application using Microsoft’s Business Process Management solution BizTalk Server. To solidify your learning, each session is followed by a lab that gives you hands on experience on the technologies just covered. These labs builds upon one another, so by the end of the day you will have the experience of building a real world Service Oriented solution using all the concepts and technologies you just learned. 

I am pretty sure they want you to register for the class and I think the tech ed site is at www.msteched.com

This year TechEd is hosting a Birds of a Feather for both the IT Pro and Developer audiences. Topics are then posted to the website where everyone can go in and vote on what their favorite sessions are.  On April 11th we’ll close down the voting, and the sessions with the most votes will be held at Tech Ed.  This tool was based on feedback we received at Tech Ed last year that attendees wanted to drive this more and be able to submit and choose what BOF topics were presented. 

TechEd BOF site: http://www.msteched.com/content/bof.aspx