As part of a proof-of-concept I was working on last year, we needed to show that the BizTalk Business Rules could be created and managed via a Web Application instead of through the standard Business Rules Composer tool that we provide out of the box. The client had certain requirements that meant that using the standard Composer just wasn’t viable. Therefore, I replicated a portion of the Composer as a Web based application. I thought I’d post some images from the app and see if this is something people are interested in. If you are, I’ll work to clean up the code and post it to Let me know by posting a comment here.

 There were two tools in the. One let you view and edit vocabularies. The other let you view/author/edit/delete/publish/deploy policies and rules.

Image 1: The home page, gives the user the ability to access the 2 tools contained in the app.

Image 2: The Policy and Rule Explorer This screen lets a user select a specific Policy to review. Once they select a Policy, they are shown the entire version history for it. For each version, then can load up a list of all the rules contained within that version. At this point, they have the option to publish, deploy or copy that particular version. They also have the ability to select each rule and view its Conditions and actions.


Image 3: Adding a New Rule


Image 4: The Vocabulary Explorer. Lets a user view the definitions contained within all the Vocabularies and lets them alter the values of existing definitions.


Cheers and keep on BizTalking…