As everyone knows, there is no shortage of passion in the tech industry. Naturally, there are many viewpoints out there, which leads to another thing I always enjoy.a spirited debate.  Just so happens that I’m having one right here as a result of the recent WebSphere Loves Windows campaign and benchmarking results. I’d like to take the time to thank those of you who have responded or posted on the work to date. Remember, this is all in the name of saving customers money and helping them achieve optimal ROI.


While I rely on Greg to answer some of the technical questions associated with his research, and he’s done so via his blog, I also want to continue to emphasize two points:


%u00b7         We stand behind the results and the methods used for this testing from end to end.  In fact, I recently responded to IBM by offering to pay for independent benchmarking via a third party. I hope to hear back and get that going, yet my phone remains strangely silent.


%u00b7         Apples to apples comparison?  Well, we know that everyone’s apples look a little different, so check out the tool and see for yourself. By doing this you get to run what you deem as the fairest possible comparison and see how it works.


Please keep the feedback coming! We look forward to seeing more results from others as they test new configurations.