I just got the HL7 DASM pipeline working with two custom Decode pipeline components (String Replace and Archive).

I was receiving batched messages, and if there was an error in any of the trigger messages, the entire batch was being rejected with no discernable error message other than the context property: ParseError=True (wow, I can really troubleshoot with that indicator)

So I was given hotfix KB 973910 and started testing it. I did not seem to fix the problem.

I changed and used the out of the box HL7 DASM, and it started working (debatching the file and suspending only the trigger message that was actually in error). I decided to rebuild the custom pipeline, I removed the HL7 DASM pipeline component from the .btp file, removed the HL7 DASM from the tool box, and the re-added the pipeline to the tool box and then added it to the .btp file. I then deployed it and ran a file through successfully.

Here is the wives’ tale: If you have a custom HL7 pipeline component, you need to remove the HL7 DASM completely from Visual Studio and then re-add it so that BizTalk will see the new behavior.

Please let me know if this is a fallacy, and what the minimum amount of work that I have to do to have BizTalk see a newly hotfixed pipeline component.