During the MVP summit in February I managed to catch up with a few of the BizTalk MVPs who had recorded new webcasts for the “BizTalk Light & Easy” series. The 9 new webcasts are online now at CloudCasts.
%u00b7 BizTalk 2010 and Windows Azure – Paul Somers
%u00b7 BizTalk and AppFabric Cache Part 1 – Mike Stephenson
%u00b7 BizTalk and AppFabric Cache Part 2 – Mike Stephenson
%u00b7 Integration to SharePoint 2010 Part 1 – Mick Badran
%u00b7 Integration to SharePoint 2010 Part 2 – Mick Badran
%u00b7 Better BizTalk Testing by Taking Advantage of the CAT Logging Framework – Mike Stephenson
%u00b7 Calling Business Rules from a .NET Application – Alan Smith
%u00b7 Tracking Rules Execution in a .NET Application – Alan Smith
%u00b7 Publishing a Business Rules Policy as a Service – Alan Smith
The link is here. Big thanks to Paul, Mike and Mick for putting the time in.
“BizTalk Light & Easy” is an ongoing project, if you are feeling creative and would like to contribute feel free to contact me via this blog. I can email you some tips on webcasting and the best formats to use.