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      we have a orchestration, which will call a .net component. We deployed to production and works great. When the new version of the .net component come out, how can we make the orchectration point to the new version of component

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      thanks for the info

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        Yes, that is correct.

        When you build the Orchestration it will build to a specific version. This allows for multiple versions of the same assembly to be in the GAC (a.k.a. side by side versioning).

        Are you changing your version on purpose?

        If not, one simple thing to change is make the version of the .net component static. In the AssemblyInfo file, change the version from 1.0.* to Then, when you build it you keep your same version number and do not need to rebuild the Orchestration. You just need to re-GAC the .net component and restart the hosts.

        Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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