How To Add BizUnit Snippets Into Visual Studios 2005

How To Add BizUnit Snippets Into Visual Studios 2005

Recently I have been working a lot with BizUnit 2.0 (Available on GotDotNet).  This framework provides an easy and customizable way to unit test your end to end BizTalk solutions.  I’ll not get into details about BizUnit right now since this post is focused on Visual Studios 2005 Code Snippets.

Young Jun has developed a set of code snippets for BizUnit 2.0 for use with Visual Studios 2005.  Although not all the BizUnit tasks are included, it is a huge time saver when building unit test files. 

The only problem I had was how to install the snippets.  I found it a little tricky so here are the steps I went through.


1.  Download the code snippets.

2.  Unzip them to a folder, in my case C:\BizUnit

3.  Open Visual Studios and locate the Code Snippets Manager under Tools. 

4.  If you do not see it listed, you will need to go to Customize under Tools, look under Commands, Tools, and move the command to the Tools menu.



5.  Change the Language to XML



6.  Select the Add button and select the folder with your snippet (in my case C:\BizUnit)

7.  Click OK. 

8.  You are all set.  Now when you open an Xml document inside Visual Studios you will see the BizTalk Snippets available

More to come on BizUnit in later posts. 

Visual Studio 2005 Fails To Start

Today I ran into a strange problem.  Visual Studios would not launch!  No matter what I did, it was totally dead.

I had remove Visual Studios 2005 Beta 2 a few weeks ago and upgraded to RTM.  Today, I installed BizTalk 2006 Beta 2 and configured it with no problems.  I went to open Visual Studios to work with BizTalk and nothing happened.

I got the Visual Studio Launch screen for about 5 seconds and then gone.  I could see the program start in the task manger but then it just disappeared.  I was not getting any errors in the event log.

I start by reinstalling VS with no luck.  So, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling VS.  Yep, that took some time; still no luck. 

I then took a look at all my installed programs.  I found two products that I probably should have uninstalled with Beta 2. 

They were:

Windows Workflow Foundations Components for Visual Studios 2005

Software Development Kit for WinFX

I removed both of these items and Visual Studios opened as expected with no problems. 

I’m guessing it was the Windows Workflow that was causing the problem since it was not RTM friendly. 


I was surprised that having this installed would actually prevent Visual Studios from running.

So, the moral of the story is make sure you get all the different beta products removed when you upgrade to the RTM of Visual Studios.