Cloud Integration Training–January 2017

If you are interested in learning about Azure API Management,  Azure Functions, API Apps and Azure Logic Apps in an hands on 1 day training course, we have just what you are looking for, The course will be offered on the following dates and locations:

Wether you are looking a moving some of your On-premises integration to the cloud or start from scratch in the cloud this course will give you the information that you need to get started. This course is intended for developers who are responsible for developing cloud based integration solutions and includes hands-on-labs for API Management, Azure Functions and Logic Apps.

A complete syllabus and pre-requisites can be found at the registration link above or contact SixPivot here

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Pluralsight’s BizTalk Learning Path

I am excited to be part of creating the cofficia Pluralsight BizTalk Learning Path

This consists of just over 34 hours of hard core BizTalk training brought to you by Mall Milner, Mohamad Halabi, Dan Toomey, and I. 

Learning path course sequence:

BizTalk 2006 Fundamentals
Advanced BizTalk Server 2010
Intro to BizTalk Server 2013 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Toolkit
BizTalk Server 2013 from Ground Up: An End to End Scenario
What’s New in BizTalk Server 2013
Using Functoids in the BizTalk 2013 Mapper

Total – 34h 15m

So if you find yourself not being able to sleep at night or on 3 long 12 hour flights around the world, it is well worth the 34 hours to master your BizTalk skills

Remember: you can always watch Pluralsight courses in up to 2x speed.  That would cut the time down to almost 17 hours!

I still have a few no credit card required, 30-day unlimited free trial Pluralsight memberships available!   If interested, just fill out the form here

Limited Number of Free 30-day Pluralsight Trials Available

I have a limited number of no credit card required, unlimited, 30-day trials for Pluralsight available.

Request your free trial at:

With these accounts you have full access to all 3700+ courses for 30 days. 

This is a great way to boost your Tech and BizTalk skills for free.

Make sure you check out my BizTalk Learning Paths to see what areas you need to brush up on.

What’s New in BizTalk 2013 Course has lots of Relevant Content for BizTalk 2013 R2

What’s New in BizTalk 2013 Course has lots of Relevant Content for BizTalk 2013 R2

I have revamped and updated my site:  This site is dedicated to my course at Pluralsight with the same name.  While this course was geared to BizTalk 2013, a lot of the content is still relevant for BizTalk 2013 R2.

This course has 6 modules:
BizTalk Server 2013 Overview
Using Windows Azure Service Bus with BizTalk 2013
REST Adapter Deep Dive
SharePoint Adapter Enhancements
Using BizTalk 360 with BizTalk 2013
Setting up BizTalk 2013 in Windows Azure IaaS

Of these, the module on the BizTalk REST Adapter is one of the best in the course!  It is a great resources for anyone working with the REST Adapter in any version of BizTalk.

In the SharePoint chapter, I walk through integration with SharePoint Online in Office 365.

Check out the to see a 7-minute sample video.

As always, anyone can get a free 7 day, 200 minute trial of Pluralsight.

Pluralsight Free Trial

New Pluralsight Course: Traveling and Loyalty Programs Best Practices

New Pluralsight Course: Traveling and Loyalty Programs Best Practices

While my main passion in life is Integration with Microsoft Technologies, a close second is traveling.  With traveling comes my “addiction” to earning airline miles, hotel points, and chasing status!

The way I see it is by using miles and points we can travel cheaper or even for free! 

Have you ever wondered if it was really worth it though?  Maybe you think you do not travel enough to benefit from miles and points?  Or do not know the first thing about Loyalty programs?  I cover this and more in my training course with Pluralsight titled “Traveling and Loyalty Programs Best Practices”. 

It is broken down into 5 modules:

    • Traveling Developer Best Practices
    • Air Travel Deep Dive and Airline Best Practices
    • Detailed Airline Loyalty Program Review
    • Ins and Outs of Earning and Using Hotel Points
    • Driving Off with Car Rental Credits

Here are two demo videos outlining the basics of loyalty programs and why having status matters.



If you already have a Pluralsight account you can watch the course now.  If you do not have an account, you can get a free 10 day, 200 minute trial using the banner below.  What is even better – my course is 193 minutes long so anyone can get a free trial and watch the whole course.

Pluralsight Free Trial

Looking forward to hearing feedback, comments, and suggestions!


New Pluralsight Course on Intro to BizTalk Server 2013 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Toolkit is Live!

I am excited to announce the release of my 2nd course with Pluralsight!  This course is called “Intro to BizTalk Server 2013 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Toolkit”.  This course is designed for an existing BizTalk Developer who has little to no exposure to the ESB Toolkit.  This course walks you through the basics from architecture, to installation, to building your first solution, to how to use the Exception Management Framework!

Here is a 3 minute sample video of the High Level Architecture and Message Flow of the BizTalk ESB Toolkit. 


Watch this video directly on YouTube –

This course contains the following modules:

  • Overview of the ESB Toolkit for BizTalk Server
  • Inside the ESB Toolkit Components
  • Deep Dive into an ESB Solution
  • Using the ESB Exception Framework

Current Pluralsight subscription holders can watch the course here.

New users can get a free 10 day 200 minute evaluation here.  This is enough time to watch the whole course for free!!!