Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper Patterns: Aggregation Pattern

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper Patterns: Aggregation Pattern

Basically, the Aggregation Pattern could also be another example or a subset of the Content Enricher Pattern (you can know more about this here: BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices), but sometimes when we exchange messages between different systems, we will need to gather information from multiple external sources, this is also known as Scatter-Gather Pattern (https://www.enterpriseintegrationpatterns.com/patterns/messaging/BroadcastAggregate.html), and once a complete set of messages has been received, we need to process them as a whole and combine or merge parts of information from each correlated message to create the expected message by the target system.

So the main difference between the Aggregation Pattern and the Content Enricher one is that in this last one, we’re normally talking about mapping one-to-one messages, and in the Aggregator pattern, we are dealing with multiple inbound messages that were collected from the original request and need to be mapped and aggregated into a single outbound request. For example, we want to bill the client’s order after all items have been pulled from the financial system or warehouse. Also, Content Enricher can happen inside the Aggregation Pattern along with other types of patterns.

Reference to this pattern:

In this video, you can see and learn how to apply the Aggregation Pattern inside the new Data Mapper available for Logic Apps (Standard)

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