INTEGRATE 2016 My session on Azure IaaS and Azure Training

INTEGRATE 2016 My session on Azure IaaS and Azure Training

I am excited to be presenting at the 2016 INTEGRATE conference in London.  Not only will I be able to get great pizza at Pizza Express, I will hopefully get to fill in everyone on the latest offerings in Azure IaaS.

Registration is still open for the conference.  Rates are $450 pounds per person for the 3 day event.  It is a super deal compared to other conferences.  You can get more details on registration here.


My session title is “Azure IaaS Essentials for the BizTalk Developer”.

The abstract is below:
Azure Infrastructure as a Service consists of Virtual Networking and Virtual Machines.  In this session Stephen will cover the essentials every developer should know about IaaS including on premise connectivity options, how to use virtual network with virtual machines, sizing options of virtual machines, and management options.  Stephen will show you how to use PowerShell to take full control of Azure Virtual Machines and make Infrastructure almost as fun as Development!  In addition, see how simple it is to build a full isolated BizTalk domain in Azure with just a few clicks.

If you are new to Azure or been out of the loop for even a few months, Michael Stephenson is putting on four “Zero-to-Cloud” sessions.  Two are before the conference and 2 after.  Each session is limited to 10 people and they are held at the BizTalk 360 office just outside of London (an easy 30 mina train ride from central London).  While I have not attended one of his classed myself, I am sure it will not disappoint!  Get more details on this even here.


Hope to see you in London in just a few week!!!