Integration with Sharepoint 2003 and InfoPath SP1 Lab

This lab will take you through a simple integration scenario step-by-step using Sharepoint and InfoPath to display delivery exceptions using Delivery Notification inside an Orchestration. Windows Sharepoint Services, the Sharepoint Adapter for BizTalk 2004, and InfoPath SP1 are required.

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How To Assign an InfoPath Form to a Message in BizTalk

InfoPath is something I heard a lot about several months ago, but not much since then. 

Recently, I had to set an InfoPath template to a message in BizTalk 2004.  This is something that is rather simple, as long as you know what properties you need to set. 

To set an InfoPath template for use on an outgoing message just use this code inside the Message Assignment shape.  This is set up to use an InfoPath template that has been deployment to a Sharepoint site.  Other options are a Web Server or File Location.

// This sets new Processing Instructions on the Message

OutMessage(XMLNORM.ProcessingInstructionOption) = 1;

// This assigns an InfoPath template from a Sharepoint site to the document

OutMessage(XMLNORM.ProcessingInstruction) = “”;

That’s it!  Now, if you have InfoPath installed your Xml will be assigned to that template.

For more information on InfoPath and BizTalk 2004 make sure you view the MSDN On-Demand Webcast from April 19th.