There are times where you need to do data type conversions in a Logic App.

I recently ran into an issue where I was syncing records between CRMOL (on line) and Salesforce.  The record coming from CRMOL had NULL values.  When converted to JSON, the NULL value is a string.

I could use the Logic App  Replace function, but when you have to evaluate 30 to 50 fields, it becomes a tedious chore.

I decided to create a  Function App.  I used a C# Web Hook, so I can pass in the Response coming out of CRMOL.  I could return the parsed Record to be mapped to Salesforce.

The code is very simple. I loop through each field and replace the “NULL” values with a empty string.

In Part – 2,  I will show you the code and other utility functions  that can be used in Logic Apps.