Debatching Design and Performance Considerations Whitepaper

In some business scenarios you may be required to receive a batch file that must be broken up and processed as single messages by BizTalk Server 2004. This could allow for individual record level processing, selective content based routing, or single message mapping.

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Convoy Deep Dive for BizTalk Server Whitepaper

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 supports the use of convoy message processing, a new messaging pattern. Convoys are a messaging pattern and not a feature of BizTalk Server 2004. A convoy is not something a customer can use, like the Rules Engine, but instead it is something that the business process dictates and requires.

This paper discusses examples of business scenarios that require convoy message processing. After establishing a business need through the scenarios, this paper explains basic convoy theory and the different types of convoy messaging patterns. This paper discusses a solution to each business scenario and reviews each included sample.

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