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Can someone tell me where i’m going wrong here. I have an xml file coming in, a pipeline on the send port that specifies a schema in the flat file assembler (this schema should represent the format of the file coming into the pipeline, yes?) and the send port specifying that a txt file is output to the right location. All my ports have the correct spellings of folders and are all running, everything is deployed as it should be. When I copy my xml file to my receive folder it is deleted but the flat file formatted file is not output to the send location.

I get the following error in the HAT on my custom pipeline:

There was a failure executing the send pipeline: \”BTSDG_FF.ff_send_pipeline\” Source: \”Flat file assembler\” Send Port: \”\\\\biztalkdev\\jodaydev$\\Chp13\\BTSDG_FF\\out\\%MessageID%.txt\” Reason: Loading document specification <BTSDG_FF.FF_xml> from assembly <BTSDG_FF, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=5af53d486044ac07> failed. Verify that the schema is deployed properly and that the schema assembly implements the document spec.

Have I missed something out in the process? Has anyone out there done a similar process of xml to flat file?