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[quote:b7db937423=\”Anonymous\”]it looks to me u r sending 4050 version, schema is 3020 version u r using, check u r GS08=003020



Nar – it’s defaulting to 4050 because it doesn;t recognize his version; here is from the KB article:

[quote:b7db937423]When an interchange is received that has a higher version of the control segments than the 4050 version (for example, when the version that is indicated in the ISA segment is higher than \”00405\”), the system will try to parse it with the highest version (for example, 4050).[/quote:b7db937423]

Another note – the author is referring to the parsing of the flat EDI file as \”translation\”; the correct terminology would be
parsing – conversion from Flat EDI to XML
translation – mapping from one document format to another
serialization – conversion from the XML output of translation back to the flat version of the EDI.

His document is failing parsing because the subsystem is not recognizing the version, thus it doesn’t have the cues necessary to be able to parse the file.

In BT2002, there was a Syntax setup where you would give the thing a number range of where to look for the version in the GS and this type of problem would occur if you didn’t have that number range set correctly. There was also a checkbox for using regular expression parsing to find the version; I don’t know that all this carried forward into 2004. I suspect they may have made the regex method standard and unchangable because it byte location method caused confusion and issues in 2002.