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I think so, because this is the begine of my input file in hex:

FFFE 3C00 3F00 7800 6D00 6C00 2000 7600 6500 7200 7300 6900 6F00 6E00 3D00 2200 3100 2E00 30000 2200

and so on.

The Charset property of the BodyPart is set with \”null\”, so I think that is cleared.

but have you ever tried this?

I set a Return pInMsg
to the end of the code and repace the Return OutMsg with this.
So i told the component to give the stream, it gets from the pipeline, back to the pipeline without any processing.
And than I start the pipeline.exe with a Zip file in place of the XML file as input.
In this constallation I thought that the output file must be the same as the input file, because there is no processing on the file.
But there was the same effect like I create my zip files from the xml file.