has launched a new BizTalk Community Forum! 

Biztalk Forum

This is not intended to replace the Microsoft Official Newsgroups.  That should always be your first place to turn to for technical questions.  But, if you are looking for a smaller, more relaxed area check it out.

No registration is required to vote in polls, view threads, and post to the forum.

Registered users can get forum level notifications, topic reply notifications, and create a user profile.

Forum categories include:
Site and Blog Comments
BizTalk Server 2004
BizTalk Server 2006
Windows Workflow Foundation
Job Postings (both full time and contract)

If you have questions / comments about any of my blog posts or samples, the forum is a great place to ask them!

Do not forget to check out our weekly polls.


Most recent polls:
What type of messages do you typically process with BizTalk?
Do you use other tools for transformations other than the Biztalk Mapper?


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