Happy New Year! It’s good time to summarize flying experience as year past since getting pilot certificate. So, here’s some dry statistics:

Hours total 105.7
Night 10.3
Cross country 28.1
Actual Instrument 0.1
Simulated Instrument 11.8
Day landings 270
Night landings 39
Instrument approaches 5

Airplanes I’ve flown: Cessna C152, Cessna C172M, Cessna C172SP, Cessna C177RG, Piper PA28-161, Piper PA28-181, Evektor Sportstar, Vans RV-7A, Wheeler Express.

Airports I landed at: PAE(Everett, WA), AWO(Arlington, WA), BLI(Bellingham, WA), OLM(Olympia, WA), RNT(Renton, WA), CLM(Port Angeles, WA), S43(Snohomish, WA), W16(Monroe, WA), GPM(Grand Prairie, TX), ADS(Addison, TX), RBD(Dallas, TX), TKI(McKinney, TX), XBP(Bridgeport, TX), SEP(Stephenville, TX), FTW(Fort Worth, TX), CRS(Corsicana, TX), JWY(Midlothian, TX), LNC(Lancaster, TX), GKY(Arlington, TX), UTS(Huntsville, TX), GLS(Galveston, TX), JXI(Gilmer, TX), T31(McKinney, TX), SWI(Sherman, TX), DTO(Denton, TX), GYI(Sherman/Denison, TX).

One thing I don’t want toadd upthough is the amount of money spent on flying 🙂

I started instrument training and logged some simulated time under the hood. So, the new year flying resolutions will be to finish instrument training and get that rating,log at least 60 hours total time,get tailwheel endorsement, get high performance and/or complex endorsements. This should keep me pretty busy, I guess. 🙂 Happy flying in New Year!