Owen Cutajar blogged about “The 5 biggest mistakes almost all web designers make”.

I’d like to add a site to the list… I recently tried to browse this page on the  Sony Connect Website from a Windows 2003 PC, only to be informed that:

We appreciate your interest in the Connect music store, but our store currently only works with computers running Windows 98 Second Edition or higher. […] We’ll have to part ways until we support the operating system you’re currently using, or you make the switch to an OS that is compatible with the Connect music store.

Unbelievable. So they think it’s ok to require customers to change OS just to browse their site? I guess that’s one potential customer they’ve lost. Oh well, if I ever downgrade back to Windows 98 I may go back!

(As an aside – if anyone has an alternative source for the MSNBC Tsunami Aid concert, that would be great, since MSNBC Europe showed a programme about stocks and shares instead of the advertised show!)