Over the next few weeks Microsoft is sponsoring a number of free Web Camp events around the world.  These provide a great way to learn about ASP.NET 4, ASP.NET MVC 2, and Visual Studio 2010.

The Web Camps are two day events.  The camps aren’t conferences where you sit quietly for hours and people talk at you – they are intended to be interactive.  The first day is focused on learning through presentations that are heavy on coding demos.  The second day is focused on you building real applications using what you’ve learned.  The second day includes hands-on labs, and you’ll join small development teams with other attendees and work on a project together.

We’ve got some great speakers lined up for the events – including Scott Hanselman, James Senior, Jon Galloway, Rachel Appel, Dan Wahlin, Christian Wenz and more.  I’ll also be presenting at one of the camps.

Below is the schedule of the remaining events (the sold-out Toronto camp was a few days ago):

  • Moscow May 19-19
  • Beijing May 21-22
  • Shanghai May 24-25
  • Mountain View May 27-28
  • Sydney May 28-29
  • Singapore June 04-05
  • London June 04-05
  • Munich June 07-08
  • Chicago June 11-12
  • Redmond, WA June 18-19
  • New York June 25-26

Many locations are sold out already but we still have some seats left in a few of them.  Registration and attendance to all of the events is completely free.  You can register to attend at www.webcamps.ms.

Hope this helps,


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