BizTalk has a lot of “artifacts”. That’s the name of the BTS objects.

Here I try to classify these artifacts from a point of view “Which tool is used to work with artifacts”:


PS Unfortunately I’ve lost comments when copy this table from Excel. If you want to receive the whole table give me know and I’ll send the original table to. you.

Artifacts \ Tools BTS Adm. Console BTS Explorer Orchestration View
Message Boxes ? %u009d
Servers %u00ba%u00bd
Hosts ?%u00bd
Adapters ? %u009d
Receive Handlers ?
Send Handlers ?
Pipelines are created in Soluton Explorer
Assemblies %u009d are created in Soluton Explorer
Orchestrations %u00bd %u00bd are created in Soluton Explorer
Parties ?
Roles ?
Role Links/R. L. Types ?
Send Port Groups %u009d ?
Send Ports %u00bd ? ?
Receive Ports ? ?
Receive Locations %u00bd ?
Port Types ?
Correlation Sets / C.S. Types ?
Messages ?
Multi-part Message Types ?
You can:
%u009d – View
%u00ba – Tune up
%u00bd – Start/Stop or Enable/Desable
? – Create & Tune up
– this color marked the “live creatures”