Do you work for a company that truly, I mean truly, values technical leadership and skills?  Do they value your abilities to communicate with non-IT staff?  Do they encourage you to get involved in the community through a bonus compensation plan that includes things as simple as attending a local user group?  No?  Then perhaps its time to Improve your outlook

Improving Enterprises, my employer since March of 2009, is just such and employer.  Improving has to be doing something right, after all we’ve just been named to the Inc. 500/5000 list, placing us at #210 in the nation, but number #10 fastest growing company in Dallas, and #18 in IT Services nationwide.  And this is our second year on that list.

Now why am I telling you all of this?  Is it just to brag about how great my life at Improving is?  To rub in your face that I get to work for a company with 4 Microsoft MVPs on staff?  No, none of that

It’s because we’re hiring and in a big way!

How big?  We’ve got over 20 positions open at the current time.  Are we just looking for rock stars?  Not at all we’ve got positions available at Consultant, Senior Consultant, and Principal Consultant available.  Consultants are generally people just out of school, or with a year or two of experience, and it goes up from there.

Why should you work for us?

For me, it is just this simple : I like to be challenged at work, I want to feel that my co-workers are challenging me to expand my horizons.  I’ve felt that way every day since I started at Improving.

Other perks?  How about an annual company retreat to Vegas.  A bonus plan.  And an incredible work environment.

CALL TO ACTION – It’s time to work for the best, and pity the rest if you’re interested in working for an incredible organization like Improving, then drop me an email with your resume to and we’ll get you started along the process.