Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring works with Oracle (10g XE) database?  

Yes, indeed! AppFabric Monitoring Provider extensibility is proven out in this MSDN Code Gallery Release –

The release includes the Visual Studio 2010 solution that contains all the relevant SQL and .NET source used to support the Windows Server AppFabric Monitoring Schema. Also included is the implementation guide (AppFabricMonitoringOnOracle10gXE.docx) and this document provides adequate elaboration on: AppFabric Monitoring basics; setup; database schema; implementation; and finally the UI pieces. For the convenience of the developers this document is also included with this post.

Figure 1: Snapshot of Solution/VS Project in the Release.



The  two screenshots below demonstrate the comprehensive implementation.

Figure 2: Selecting the Oracle Provider for AppFabric Monitoring functionality



Figure 3: Monitoring Data extracted from Oracle Database.