I own a Windows Phone 7, and one of the problems I’ve had since day one is the inability to sync my local Outlook with the phone. My initial approach was to add the phone’s live account to Outlook, and then do copy&paste of contacts and appointments to this account. No need to say this is extremely inefficient…

My friend Tiago Pascoal found the solution for me: a miracle little $20 tool called gSyncit. This tool sits on your tray icon and syncs from your Outlook into your gmail account. You can then setup the Google account on your phone, and voila! The tool sync contacts, appointments, tasks and notes.

I’ve been using it with Outlook 2010 x64 and my feedback is very positive, I highly recommend it.

It’s just a pitty that I ended up having to buy an app to do something Zune Software should handle for me out-of-the-box, and on top of this using gmail as a bridge.

Note: I have no affiliation whatsoever with Fieldston Software.

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Blog Post by: Jo%u00e3o Pedro Martins