Today we deployed an incremental update to the Access Control Service in the Labs environment. It’s available here: Keep in mind that there is no SLA around this release, but accounts and usage of the service are free while it is in the labs environment.


This release builds on the prior August release of the Access Control Service, and adds the following features:


·        Support for OAuth 2.0 Web Server and assertion profiles (

·        Additional support for X.509 certificate authentication via WS-Trust and Service Identities

·        The ability to map Identity Providers to Relying Parties

·        Several updates to the Management Web Portal:

o   Upload a WS-Fed Metadata file through the portal

o   Additional fields uploading encrypting and decrypting certificates

o   Expanded support for machine keys (password, symmetric key, and X.509) and creation of valid usage dates


We’ve also added some more documentation and updated samples on our CodePlex project:


For more information about the Access Control Service, see the Channel 9 video at


Like always, I encourage you to check it out and let the team know what you think.


The Windows Azure AppFabric Team