Today we deployed an incremental update to the Access Control Service in the Labs environment. It’s available here: Keep in mind that there is no SLA around this release, but accounts and usage of the service are free while it is in the labs environment. 

This release builds on the prior October release of the Access Control Service, and has a few changes: 

  • Improved error messages by adding sub-codes and more detailed descriptions.
  • Adding primary/secondary flag to the certificate to allow an administrator to control the lifecycle.
  • Added support for importing the Relying Party from the Federation Metadata.
  • Updated the Management Portal to address usability improvements and support for the new features.
  • Support for custom error handing when signing in to a Relying Party application.

We’ve also added some more documentation and updated the samples on our CodePlex project: 

Like always, we encourage you to check it out and let the team know what you think.

The Windows Azure AppFabric Team