First let me introduce myself. I am Don Glover, Programming Writer for the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) feature of BizTalk Server. Many of you will never have heard of a Programming Writer, so here is just a smidgin of back ground information. A Programming Writer is a technical writer who has come over to the writing field from a technical, typically development, back ground. Programming Writers are able to bring a deeper understanding of development issues to a product to better support those products that are used by developers.

This blog will be primarily about subjects relating to the BAM feature, though it may occasionally it may touch on broader BizTalk issues. It will also be a place where, when you have questions about the docs, or complaints, you can contact me, the writer, directly  and I can address them by answering your questions and back filling the information into the documentation.  This will be an opportunity for a two way conversation on the state of the documention. The goal is to provide the best documentaion possible.

I look forward to hearing your feedback as we go forward with this endeavor.