Some time back I teased about something called Round Table, and the time has come to let the lid off of the idea.  Round Table is an idea that some of my friends and I are putting out there, a model which we believe in and are open to discussing with others.

Round Table’s Mission

Round Table seeks to improve the lives of our members through a focus on mentorship, accountability, and personal relationships.

We seek to live lives of constant learning through mentorship. It is our highest desire to see members grow together both by sharing knowledge, and openly discussing areas in need of growth.

We acknowledge that speaking openly about goals and challenges brings accountability. Our members should help each other to achieve dreams, and to develop the skills necessary to conquer challenges.

We hope to forge lasting personal relationships. As we support each other, we build trust and camaraderie that can last a lifetime.

Is Round Table A Group?

No, Round Table is a template for groups.  Unlike most User Groups, Round Table seeks to lay out a plan based on mentorship.  We expect some of you out there will either start your own group, or join one that someone else starts.

But, there isn’t anything about technology in that statement?!?

You are correct.  We believe these principles transcend technology, and encourage the formation of groups under the Round Table banner which are related to any field or interest.

Are there dues, or something?

No, all we ask for now is that if you are interested in founding a Round Table group that you send an email to and let us know about your group.  If the idea takes off, we will at least have a list of groups.

Are you going to found a group Tim?

Already have!

Round Table Craftsmen is our first such group, focused on those in the software development profession. We seek to grow our skills as technologists, and share those skills with others, while achieving our professional and personal goals. We will meet monthly to work on software and discuss our goals and challenges. If you would like to join us, we encourage you to speak to one of our members:

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