A number of people
(including Shawn Wildermuth) have been writing and speculating about the Build conference.
I’m about to pack to drive down to Anaheim and wanted to document in the blogosphere
my hopes about what will be announced there.

I actually hope that .NET on the client is dead. Well not dead – but IMO .NET has
had a good run and it’s time to let go. When I say .NET on the client I mean WinForms,
Silverlight, WPF, all of it.

You might ask why someone who has spent 10+ years working on the platform would say
that – and my answer is HTML5.

People often think of me as the BizTalk guy (OK, well we know that BizTalk is dead
if not on its way out), or the REST guy. But before I was into either of those things
I was actually a pure web developer. HTML, JavaScript, ASP, and then ASP.NET.

In essence I feel like I am going back to my roots these days (come see me talk about
HTML5 and mobile app development at VSLive this
fall, for example).

That’s why as of today this site is now renamed www.masteringhtml5.com –
I’m going back to my roots.

My hope is that Microsoft sticks with its first announcement about Windows 8 and that
new “immersive” apps or whatever they are going to be called *have* to be built using
HTML5 and JavaScript. Not only do I hope that because I’m happy to be going back to
my “roots”, but I think it is the smartest thing to keep the Windows platform relevant.

I’ll have more to come on this topic as the week progresses.

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Blog Post by: Jon Flanders