We are delighted to announce the first public RC release of the WCF Line-of-Business Adapter SDK. 


Goal of this SDK is to create uniform, reusable and metadata-based service-oriented interfaces to existing systems and applications using WCF.   It allows adapter developers to build WCF-based adapters for integrating .NET applications with existing enterprise systems, databases and messaging platforms.   This SDK includes application programming interfaces, design-time tools, samples and documentation to surface line-of-business adapters as WCF Bindings.   The WCF-based adapters can be consumed like typical WCF services in the user applications.  It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

To learn more and download the adapter SDK and its documentation, please refer to our Microsoft Connect site (you need to register using a valid passport).  

Make sure to visit our forums for additional information and community based support as well.

We’ll be recording a channel 9 interview on the adapter SDK in the upcoming month also!  J


Marjan Kalantar