What a name….talk about the pinnacle of TLA’s at the height of a great technology
Can you imagine being at work/meetings etc.
and say “Hold on, I’ve got to grab the WCF LOB Adapter SDK for my BTS Messaging

(at this point I’m sure it would clear the floor if you were at a party and people
would be looking at each other thinking that someone hasn’t taken their vitamin B12
this morning)

So we really do need to come up with a sexier name than this (when I was 4 my parents
read me a great book about a kid called “Tikki-tikki-tembo-no-sarembo” and he fell
into the well – you could say I was scared off long names as a kid)

What does this thing do for you? It will change the way you develop adapter
for use with/without BTS.

LOB Adapter SDK


p.s. you don’t necessarily need BizTalk to build adapters with this
framework. There are BTS06 R2 ‘extensions’ to this framework – the BTS ‘strand’ of
this SDK is currently called the BizTalk .NET Adapter SDK

There’s some very cool things ahead…..stay tuned……