At PDC this week we had a booth to showcase the interoperability that WCF gives you through its support for the WS-* protocols.  In particular, we highlighted an Apache incubator project called  Stonehenge. 

At Stonehenge we work together with a growing list of WS-* vendors (WSO2, Sun, SpringSource, and soon Progress) to build samples and prove out interoperability between the stacks. 

At the PDC booth we had a demo of the soon to be released ’M2’ version of the StockTrader Sample application.  Check out the Channel 9 video here.

We also talked about Stonehenge at the ApachecCon conference in Oakland a couple of weeks ago where Apache celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  If you are in the mood for some geek entertainment you might want to see this from the Lightening Talks.

If you are doing cross-platform interop with WCF, I would encourage you to get involved in Stonehenge.  You can contribute by suggesting important test scenarios and/or helping build and test one of the samples.  To get started go to the project wiki: Apache Stonehenge and subscribe to the dev email list.

To learn about other interop activities at PDC check out the Interoperability Team Blog.