Scott Guthrie announced the availability of .NET 3.5 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 today. If you read his entry, you’ll see this release is packed with new features, many of which revolve around the Ajax, MVC, and ADO.NET improvements they’ve been working on.

However, this release also contains some new WCF nuggets including the following:

  • New Hosting Wizard for WCF Service projects.
  • Enhancements in Test Client such as support for RM Sessions, Message Contract and Nullable types enables testing of broader set of WCF-based services.
  • Expanding reach of DataContract Serializer by relaxing the need of having [DataContract]/ [DataMember] on types and by supporting an interoperable mechanism for dealing with object references.
  • Improved Partial Trust Debugging Experience with support for Event Log.
  • Support for ADO.NET Entity Framework entities in WCF contracts.
  • Improvements in writing REST based services ranging from easily supporting ServiceDocuments publication and consumption to providing greater control and usability of UriTemplate.
  • Significant performance improvements on large workflow-based projects in Visual Studio.
  • Considerable scalability increases for hosted WCF services in IIS7-integrated mode.

Update: Steve Maine provides more WCF details in this post and Omri gives his take over here.

You can read more about this release and grab the bits from here.