For BizTalk 360 we use several virtual machines with various OS/BizTalk Server combinations for functional testing purpose. One of the major issue we faced recently was around copying the newly created .msi files from our build machine to the test VM. The copying speed was not even close to acceptable level. It will be in the region of 15KB/sec or less and it completely unreliable, gets disconnected in the middle.

After searching through various solutions and trying various combination, this KB article from VM ware helped us resolve this issue.

Basically it suggest to disable TCP Offload engine

To disable the TCP Offload Engine features:

  1. Click Start > Run.

  2. Type regedit and press Enter.

  3. Browse to the following location:

  4. Create the key DisableTaskOffload (type: DWORD).

  5. Set the value of the key to 1 .

  6. Close the Registry Editor and restart the computer.

The heading actually doesn’t convey the problem we are facing, but it just fixed our issue. Now our installer (which were around 20MB) msi file get copied in few seconds rather than seeing the annoying file copy screen showing 39minutes left.


Saravana Kumar