It seems like just last week that I was installing another CTP of "Data Dude" and playing around with the schema compare and unit test features. It's hard to believe that we've already implemented the RTM version and are using it constantly in our day to day work. What a difference having the right tool makes to your success and enjoyment as a developer.

Well, the folks at Microsoft have been kind enough to give Gulf Coast Seal some free publicity and have published our "Data Dude" case study. It's kind of strange reading a case study about your own project and looking at what you've said about a new product, but I can tell you this. "Data Dude" really is a tremendous product from Microsoft and one which I truly enjoy using. It's also great to know that this is just the beginning and that Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals will continue to evolve and grow just as the entire Visual Studio Team System does.

A friend of mine at MSFT once asked me what it would take to get me to upgrade from a regular sku of Visual Studio to Team Suite. "Data Dude" is the answer! My only complaint is that it takes so darn long to type out the name of this product. I could write two sprocs and a unit test faster! (LOL)

Special thanks to Brian Keller, Matt Nunn, Cameron Skinner, Gert Drapers and the rest of the team (especially Robert Merriman) for listening so well. I look forward to your next TAP!

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