All the videos from European BizTalk Conference in Stockholm has been published on Channel9. Thanks to everyone attending, and of course also Richard, Ewan and Stephen for coming over to Sweden.

All sessions relates to the Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform book that came out just after the conference. It’s a great book, and I hope you feel compelled to buy it after you’ve seen these presentations 🙂


Day 1 (Sessions from 8th of September)

Title Description Speaker
Welcome and Introduction   Richard Seroter
Choosing The Right Tool in the Application Platform Discuss the challenge of choosing the right technology for a given situation and present a decision framework for guiding evaluation. Richard Seroter, Ewan Fairweather & Stephen W. Thomas
Tech Overview: SQL Server Look at the core components of SQL Server that are used to build applications (e.g. SSIS) and when to use them. Ewan Fairweather
Tech Overview: BizTalk Server Discuss what BizTalk is and when to use it. Richard Seroter
Tech Overview: WCF/WF, Server AppFabric Highlight key capabilities in WCF and WF and benefits offered by Windows Server AppFabric. Stephen W. Thomas
Tech Overview: Windows Azure Platform Discuss Microsoft’s cloud offering and best usage scenarios. Richard Seroter
Pattern #1 – Simple Workflow Evaluate scenario that involves aggregating data from multiple sources and presenting a unified response Ewan Fairweather

Day 2 (Sessions from 9th of September)

Title Description Speaker
Pattern #2 – Content Based Routing Consider options for effectively transmitting data to multiple systems that perform similar functions Richard Seroter
Pattern #3 – Low Latency Request/Reply (coming soon) Assess a retail scenario where high performing query services are created Stephen W. Thomas
Pattern #4 – Cross Organization Supply Chain Evaluate how to build a supply chain to integrate systems in a PO scenario Ewan Fairweather
Pattern #5 – Remote Message Broadcast Demonstrates a scenario where traditional polling solution is augmented to support real-time updates Stephen W. Thomas
Pattern #6 – Complex Event Processing Addresses click stream analysis and creating actionable events from user and system behavior. Richard Seroter