Since they’ve release beta 1 of ASP.NET AJAX (formerly known as Atlas) – I have to upgrade all my Atlas samples.  The first one I decided to tackle was my Workflow
– since it was totally based on the Atlas server-side model (no custom
javascript).   It literally took me about 10 minutes – thanks to the

Migration Guide.  
I’m a little suprised actually that xml-script isn’t making it into the base product
(it’ll be supported as part of the community CTP).  I guess I can understand
the reasoning – but it IMO was one of the coolest things about Atlas in terms of hooking
non ASP.NET 2.0 devs.   

Link is the same – AtlasWorkflowMonitor
 – note that you have to have installed ASP.NET AJAX from this
time (in earlier versions you could have the atlas dll in your bin directory – now
they are loading it from the gac).