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In my last post I created some awareness on the upcoming BizTalk Summit in London, 13 and 14th of April. This event will be the biggest Microsoft integration focussed summit in Europe. Microsoft BizTalk product group, Microsoft Integration MVP and veterans will speak about integration, Azure and API Management.This event is once again, like the previous two events, being organized by BizTalk360 in conjunction with Microsoft and the BizTalk Product group. There are various reasons you can think to attend like for instance described in the blog post by one of the speakers Sandro Pereira.

My topic is on Hybrid connectivity and more specifically what BizTalk Server 2013 R2 platform offers today. You can read the details below.

Hybrid Solutions with the current BizTalk Server 2013 R2 platform

The IT world has changed with the rise of the internet (cloud). Google, Amazon and Microsoft offer a variety of services in the cloud for storage to applications. Besides them there are a ton of other vendors selling software as a service (SaaS), or provide a dedicated service for instance Drop Box offering storage on demand. This means that integrating on premise, cloud services and software will generate a new demand. Enterprises will now face these challenges as they will need to integrate their on premise systems that are not likely to move to the cloud like SAP with cloud services or solutions. The latest BizTalk Server release 2013 R2 offers capabilities to full fill the demand for a new hybrid type of integration solution. In this talk various hybrid integration scenario’s will be discussed and how you can leverage Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 R2 to build these solutions.

After this event, I will the week after travel to Sweden for Swedisch User Group event in Gothenburg and Stockholm. I am invited by Johan Hedberg to join him on stage to talk about API Management, on-premise (Sentinet) and Azure API Management.

The last stop for me in April will be the BizTalk Bootcamp in Charlotte, US. Two years I was invited to come over and talk, but was unable to make it. However, this time I will be there! I will speak on similar topics like the London event, with probability to do other talks on API management and BizTalk extensibility. The event is being organized by Mandi Ohlinger who works for Microsoft and is responsible for a lot of the technical content that you find on Azure BizTalk Services and BizTalk Server. This is a free event and registration is necessary!

See you on the road on any of these events.