Hi folks, been a little quiet on the blogging front lately as myself and other BizTalk
Industry exerts have been busy creating a Series of Webcasts focused on BizTalk 2009

I came up with this idea 3 months ago and we’re finally almost through the other side
– all the guys gave up their own spare time to share their field expertise and knowledge.

The line is great! comprising of MVPs and field experts whom have got runs on the

I hope you enjoy the series, there’s a couple that are still to come, but we can’t
hold it back any further.

You can see them all here – http://cloudtv.cloudapp.net/Default.aspx?category=BizTalk (Alan
Smith has been very kind to offer hosting) – NOTE: not all the webcasts here
are part of the Series, most are 🙂
(I’m working on getting a sub-category)

Name   Title Cloud TV Link PowerPoint Demo Code
Richard Seroter Lap Around the ESB Toolkit 2.0
Mick Badran Integration With SharePoint from BizTalk
Mick Badran Implementing BizTalk RFID Mobile Solutions
Kent Weare Creating a Highly Available BTS 09 Environment
Kent Weare All you need to know about the SAP Adapter
Alan Smith Improving BizTalk Orchestration Performance
Alan Smith BAM Essentials Part 1 – Activities
Alan Smith BAM Essentials Part 2 – Views
Thiago Almeida All you need to know about the SQL Adapter
Miguel Herrera Field Expert All you need to know about the Oracle Adapter (coming soon)
Mark Brimble Field Expert HL7 Revisited, a look at the HL7 accelerator Direct

Zeeshan Shan Field Expert BizTalkCreating Value in the Developer World (coming soon)
Mike Stephenson ALM Part1 – Setting up a BizTalk Server Direct
Mike Stephenson ALM Part2 – Implementing an Automated Build Process with BizTalk Server Direct

Scott Scovell

Microsoft Virtual TS Implementing BizTalk RFID Solutions (coming soon)

Scott Scovell

Microsoft Virtual TS EDI teaching the old dog new tricks with BTS 2009 (coming soon)