Our first UK connected system user group is scheduled for Feb 15th 2011.  There are two sessions planned for this meet.

Session 1

Speaker: Saravana Kumar (BizTalk 24/7 & BizTalk BlogDoc & BizTalk MVP)

Topic: Instrumentation and Diagnostics in BizTalk Projects

Session 2

Speaker: Richard Blewett

Topic: WCF 4.0 Routing Service

I’ll be presenting the first session on how to instrument and diagnose a BizTalk solution. I’m trying to address some of the bad practices we acquired over the years in this space and suggesting few best practices moving forward. It’s only a 45 min session, so its going to be challenging.

The tickets are going fast, when I checked few minutes ago only 8 left. So be fast, if you are planning to attend.