Switching MVP tracks form “BizTalk Server” to “Connected Systems” doesn’t mean I will stop working with BizTalk. BizTalk Server is still my favourite server product by a long way and, apart from the messaging and orchestration engines, my favourite feature is BAM.
Last week I taught the QuickLean “BizTalk Expert Series BAM” course for the first time in Stockholm, it was actually the first delivery ever. As usual, I have taken a couple of the demos that I run in the class, and recorded them as webcasts, they are available at BloggersGuides.net. The first one looks at creating a simple BAM activity, and viewing the data in real time using a WPF application. The second one looks at creating a view and using the BAM portal to query the business data. The sample application I use is the “Sequential Convoy Sushi Server”, which has its own webcast if you want to see how it works.
If you really want to get into BAM, you could attend the QuickLean “BizTalk Expert Series BAM” course. In the US, the best location is the QuickLean training centre in Redmond. If you are in Europe, I will be delivering the course (in English) at Informator in Stockholm in January. The course is also available for onsite deliveries.