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Last week I was in Lisbon for TUGA IT, one of the greatest events here in Europe. A full day of workshops, followed by two days of sessions in multiple tracks, with attendees and presenters from all around Europe. For those who missed it this year, make sure to be there next time!

On Saturday I did a session on Industrial IoT using Azure IoT Hub. The industrial space is where we will be seeing a huge growth in IoT, and I showed how we can use Azure IoT Hub to manage our devices and do bi-directional communication. Dynamics 365 was used to give a familiar and easy to use interface to work with these devices and visualize the data.

And of course, I was not alone. The other speakers in the integration track, are community heroes and my good friends, Sandro, Nino, Steef-Jan, Tomasso and Ricardo, who all did some amazing sessions as well. It is great to be able to present side-by-side with these amazing guys, to learn and discuss.

There were some other great sessions as well in the other tracks, like Karl’s session on DevOps, Kris‘ session on the Bot Framework, and many more. At an event like this it’s always so much content being presented, that you can’t always see every session you would like, but luckily the speakers are always willing to have a discussion with you outside of the sessions as well. And with 8 different tracks running side-by-side, there’s always something interesting going on.

One of the advantages of attending all these conferences, is that I get to see a lot of cities as well. This was the second time I was in Lisbon, and Sandro has showed us a lot of beautiful spots in this great city. We enjoyed traditional food and drinks, a lot of ice cream, and had a lot of fun together.