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Disclaimer: Yes I am plugging a book 😉

Almost every day new (technical) books are released and each and every day we as developers, administrators, architects, managers and/or mere mortals are burdened with the decision ‘to read or not to read’ a particular book.

Well as of this October we as BizTalk-ers will be facing one of the toughest decisions ever since the release of BizTalk Server 2006 (I simply love exaggerating it a bit) as PACKT publishing will be releasing Dan Rosanova’s book BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns

In order to help you all with deciding wither to (pre)order or not to (pre)order this book I’ve included the below mentioned ‘Decision Tree’

You might be thinking: “Why is he shamelessly promoting a book?”

Well to answer the above question… I am promoting this book as Steef-Jan Wiggers (BizTalk MVP) and Randal van Splunteren (BizTalk MVP) and  I had the honor to be part of the Technical Review process of “Dan Rosanova’s book BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns” and honestly this book is a must read even if you consider yourself (or are called by others) a BizTalk Guru/Expert as I am convinced that we all as BizTalk-ers can and will learn from it and after all that’s what we all do and what we all crave “Learning new stuff” and the best part of it: Not only you will benefit by learning new insights your current and future customers will benefit as well…

So what can you expect in this book?

Well my former colleague Steef-Jan Wiggers and BizTalk MVP sums it up pretty neatly in his latest blog-post so I will not repeat it here.

Anyway you can (pre)order the book now! It is currently available for (pre)order at either PACKT publishing or Amazon