Another new post series that I’ve been meaning to start for a while.  This post
kicks off the development of a new project called TimRayburn.CustomFunctoids. 
The idea behind this project is that, in my not so humble opinion, there are several
big gaps in the provided functiods that come with BizTalk.  To that end, I intend
to begin a library of functoids that can be used by anyone who would like them, subject
to the license for all content on the blog. 

Here are the rules I will using to guide the creation of these functoids:

  1. As each functoid is completed, a new post to the blog will be created with the details
    of the implementation and the source code.

  2. All functoids will have icons in the theme of the group in which they belong. 
    For instance String functoids will have a red background, etc.

  3. All functoid icons will have a bright blue border for the outer pixel to clearly mark
    them as being part of an external assembly.

  4. All functoid ids will be incremented from a base value of 24,601. (Bonus Question
    : Where did I get the number 24,601?)

  5. The goal of all functoids will be to make maps more clear, not less clear.  Icons
    will be as descriptive as possible and you will not see functoids like “Lunar Moon
    Phase Functoid”.

The first functoid that will be created is a pet peeve of mine … Logical NOT.