Over the past couple of months, I have mentioned (in passing) to many of you about the Microsoft Business Process Alliance (which was recently launched). I have been surprised that not many people have actually heard about it….

Essentially, the Microsoft Business Process Alliance is comprised of a set of Industry ISV (Independent Software Vendors) who further enable the Technical BPM  (Business Process Management) story on the Microsoft Platform. There founding / launch partners comprised of:

AmberPoint, Ascentn, Fair Isaac, Global 360, IDS Scheer, InRule, Metastorm, PNMSoft, RuleBurst, and SourceCode/K2.


It’s trying to make technology side of BPM (remember that BPM is really more of a methodology) somewhat more cost effective by reducing the effort around building BPM solutions. There is a really good site that explains the partners here: http://www.microsoft.com/biztalk/solutions/bpm/bpapartners.mspx . I’ve taken some detail from that site:


AmberPoint is the SOA runtime governance authority. Its software system brings real-time visibility and control to services and applications at each stage of the SOA life cycle. AmberPoint utilizes a policy-based approach to governance to manage the health and well-being of SOA applications. It is also the runtime governance of choice for commercial organizations, federal agencies, and software vendors alike. More than 100 customers-including Best Buy, H&R Block, MedicAlert Foundation, Motorola, and the U.S. Department of Defense-have chosen AmberPoint for its comprehensive capabilities, its non-invasive approach, and its native support for both Microsoft .NET and Sun’s Java.


Ascentn Corporation
Ascentn Corporation is a leading .NET BPMS ISV which provides SOA-aligned, pure .NET-based BPMS solutions to deliver business agility and manage an expanded spectrum of business processes. The Ascentn AgilePoint Suite provides an open, scalable and robust BPM and SOA platform that leverages and integrates with Microsoft products and technologies. AgilePoint delivers a full lifecycle BPM solution with an n-tier process architecture. Through reuse of IT assets as process descriptions, AgilePoint enables business managers to create, improve and execute end-to-end business automations that support both human workflow and automated processes and is free of rigid code generations that constrain the degree of run-time adaptability.


Fair Isaac Corporation
Fair Isaac Corporation makes decisions smarter. The company’s solutions and technologies for Enterprise Decision Management give businesses the power to automate more processes, and apply more intelligence to every customer interaction. Through increasing the precision, consistency and agility of their decisions, Fair Isaac clients worldwide increase sales, build customer value, cut fraud losses, manage credit risk, reduce operational costs, meet changing compliance demands and enter new markets more profitably. Founded in 1956, Fair Isaac powers hundreds of billions of decisions a year in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, retail, consumer branded goods, healthcare and the public sector.


Global 360, Inc.
Global 360 is a global leader in providing Business Process Management (BPM) and Optimization solutions for automating, measuring and improving resource-intensive business processes. G360 Enterprise, a leading BPM solution based on Microsoft’s .Net framework, is recognized by analysts as the leading solution supporting optimization, simulation and performance management.


Established in 1984 by Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer, IDS Scheer is the market leader in BPM software and services for corporations and public organizations worldwide. With its unrivaled ARIS Platform for Process Excellence, the company offers an integrated, comprehensive solution portfolio for the strategy, design, implementation and controlling of business processes. Utilizing the ARIS Value Engineering (AVE) approach, IDS Scheer consultants bridge the gap between corporate strategy, business processes, IT solutions and process controlling. Approximately 2,800 employees, in over 70 countries, serve the company’s 6,000 customers.


InRule Technology
InRule Technology is a leading provider of business rules technology designed and optimized for .NET. More than 60 enterprise, ISV, and ASP clients use InRule%u2122 to automate business logic without placing additional burden on IT. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, InRule was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Chicago. InRule%u2122 enables development of applications that are more responsive to market conditions and revenue opportunities. InRule’s Business Language Authoring lets users capture business intent, author and verify complex decision logic, rules and calculations without the overhead of custom programming. The results: agile processes and reduced time-to-market.


Metastorm, Inc.
With a focus on improving processes for greater innovation, agility, and governance, Metastorm leads the market in business process management (BPM) software and best practice methodologies for human and system-based processes. Going beyond the basics of modeling and automation, the Metastorm BPM%u00ae Suite supports the complete process lifecycle and is designed specifically to address complex processes that are unique to organizations. Metastorm’s 1300+ global client base in manufacturing, retail, financial services, business services, healthcare and government are achieving rapid ROI and Enterprise Process Advantage%u00ae in customer service, supply chain operations, risk management, and internal operations.


PNMsoft, a global ISV and a Microsoft gold partner, develops and markets innovative BPM & Workflow software platforms and solutions. As a global company with hundreds of customers worldwide, PNMsoft operates its own offices and a network of partners in North America and EMEA. The company’s product, SEQUENCE, is used to build, run, and manage Workflows and BPM applications in a web environment and is sold through channel partners to midsize and enterprise customers. PNMsoft offers a flexible business-users oriented platform for ISVs looking to OEM a BPM platform in their product, and software vendors offering vertical market solutions.


RuleBurst provides a fully integrated suite that manages all of an organization’s rules, regulations, risks and compliance needs. Customers use RuleBurst to automate decisions and prevent, detect, and cure breaches of policy. This is particularly important when organizations are struggling to mitigate risk, prove compliance, or make timely, accurate decisions in accordance with policy or legislation. RuleBurst models business content using plain English business language, using Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Visio. RuleBurst can analyze, test and visualize this content, and deploy executable rules to Microsoft’s BPM platform.


SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc.
SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. develops the award-winning K2.net 2003 enterprise workflow solution. K2.net 2003 is the leader in business process management for .NET through its enablement of rapid solution assembly to optimize interactions between people, systems, and process. Customers derive significant value from their Microsoft investments by leveraging K2.net 2003 and its powerful, proven, and seamless integration across a range of Microsoft products.